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As a donor you have several gift options as to how you may benefit your community or specific organizations.

Unrestricted gifts will be distributed to worthy causes at the discretion of the Foundation's Board of Directors. A Donor-Advised Gift means your funds will be distributed to the organization(s) that you designate.

A Special Interest Gift may identify a general area such as education, fine arts or historical preservation. This type of gift may benefit several organizations that share a common interest. Distribution amounts may be at the Board of Directors' discretion.

An Endowment is a gift which allows only income derived from that gift to be distributed. This type of gift is most often provided for ongoing support of a special interest (for instance, scholarships) instead of a one-time project.

The Foundation accepts gifts of cash, securities, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance and real estate. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse any gift which may not meet its mission or guidelines.