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The Blair Area Community Foundation was founded in 1998 through the efforts of Mick and Katie Mines. The first gifts were presented to the Blair Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department.

Since that time more than 70 Washington County charitable organizations have benefited from donations and grants through the Foundation.

In 2001 the Foundation established its community grant program, using its un-designated gifts to benefit organizations throughout the county. Eligible organizations go through an application and review process to determine final recipients. Since its beginning, the grant program has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy projects.

In 2004 an estate gift from a longtime Blair resident, Elsie Curley, enabled the Foundation to establish a permanent Endowment Fund.


The Blair Area Community Foundation has been at the forefront of capital campaigns and major projects such as the Jeanette Hunt Animal Shelter and the Veterans Tribute Plaza in Blair.

The Foundation manages permanently endowed scholarship funds and donor-advised funds such as the Blair Trails Development Fund and the Veterans Tribute Plaza Fund.

In recent years the Foundation has been responsible for distributing nearly $200,000 per year to eligible organizations through corporate campaigns, notably Cargill and its affiliated companies.

What is a Community Foundation?

It is a collection of funds and resources given to enhance and support the quality of life within a defined geographical area. It provides a flexible means for both small and large donors to make a positive and lasting impact on their community.

A community foundation is an all-inclusive organization, able to serve virtually any charitable need. It is not focused on a single mission or concern, but rather a variety of issues that characterize the quality of life within the community.

A community foundation also maximizes the impact of charitable activities by providing donors with significant financial and tax-saving advantages.

Board Members Of The Blair Area Community Foundation:
  • Mike Ferm (President)
  • Sherman Berg (Vice President)
  • Mary Jean Rahlfs (Secretary)
  • Dick Wardell (Treasurer)
  • Brad Taylor (Member)
  • Darrell Logemann (Member)
  • Dee Sylvis (Member)
  • Emily Petersen (Member)
  • Keith Hartvigsen (Member)
  • Ken Rhoades (Member)
  • Milt Heinrich (Member)
  • Rachel Truhlsen (Member)
  • Ray Russin (Member)
  • Roger Olson (Member)