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The Blair Area Community Foundation is a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life in Washington County, Nebraska. The Foundation collects funds, distributes gifts, makes grants, manages designated funds and scholarships, and provides resources that benefit both the local community and donors.

We believe that the character of a community grows out of the activities and missions of its non-profit institutions, including education, fine arts, parks and recreation, health and welfare, historical preservation, youth activities, and other facets of community life.

The Foundation accomplishes its objectives by:

  • providing a vision for good works that will make a positive difference in the community

  • enabling donors to make tax-deductible gifts to a variety of community organizations and charitable causes

  • acting as good stewards of the funds that donors have entrusted to our care

  • providing greater visibility and awareness of local charitable organizations

  • educating potential donors about the benefits of current and planned giving for community betterment.